Monday, April 9, 2007

Art as a Science

I was asked to come in and secure postcards on a wall for the Artomatic exhibit. I envisioned that I would just be undiplomatically tacking up the secrets wherever I could find space, but the assignment was actually quite arduous.

Frank requested that the postcards be posted with the address-side facing out. He explained that he wants to keep his audience always wanting more. This is why he only puts up a handful of secrets on the website each week and why he neglects to maintain an internet archive. He reasons that if he gives his audience all of the secrets they demand, they will tire of the project. Some of the magic will be lost. As one of his audience, I want to object to this notion, insatiably desiring to see more secrets, but as an intern who is privileged to view a plethora of secrets, I can completely understand his logic. For me, the secrets do not have quite the same impact after reading dozens of them at once.

Logic and art are not generally associated together, and that is what I found so interesting about Frank's revelation on how he manages the project as well as how I put the postcards on the wall. There was a definite design and order. It made me reflect on how different an "art internship" is from my regular 9 to 5 job. At my day job, there is a definitive right and wrong. With this project, it is much more difficult because the objectives are not as translucent. The project is Frank's, and the requests are a result of his vision. I consider how difficult it must be for him to relinquish some small part of the project to us, the interns, because our own influence inevitably infiltrates the project. My composition of postcards on the wall will undeniably differ from Frank's arrangement, had he done it.

How does an artist relinquish some control of his project and effectively convey his vision to the people he has selected to help? How can he maintain the nuances while permitting the influence of others in the project? I suppose I won't know until one day I have a creative venture of my own.


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howiespace said...

Well what i'd like to think is that Frank didn't just randomly appoint you or the other interns to help out in his venture.In chosing you. I suppose there was some sort of interview.And when you met each other.Some of your qualities and attributes most likly struck a cord as to how you do things.Not to say that everything has got to be done just as Frank would do.But given the opportunity to do as you would do. And to compliment the fine work that Frank has already displayed.Not the work of just One atist. But the work of a "select" few.And thats where the magic happens.When people can learn to work "together".And not dictate others actions.Likewise not to be a puppet on a string.I've been reading post secret for a few months. I liked what I saw The first week.And I'll say, I didn't quite Know what to make of it.I mean when the cards ran out and there were no more posts as in archives and such. But as the weeks roll on it's neat to have something to look at.That's not just words.Some of these people can show true emotion and evoke the same in me.Now that I've read Behind the Scenes of PostSecret.I got the gist and truely understand what this is all about.Keep up the good work.Or should I say the good "Works" of art(ie.) J.H.F.