Thursday, September 6, 2007

A typical evening in the life of a intern

Last Tuesday evening (August 28th) Lindsey and I both arrived at the PostSecret headquarters as usual, and I (Hayley) decided to take a few photos to show everyone what exactly being an intern for entails. So, welcome to an evening with me and Lindsey!

Lindsey suggested last week when we were brainstorming that possibly Frank could auction off one of the large canvas-pieces of the blown-up postcards (used in the All-American Rejects' music video for "Dirty Little Secret") for charity. All of the money would go to benefit 1800-SUICIDE. So, the first item on the agenda was to choose one of the lovely huge postcard pieces to auction off.

Frank also decides he'll auction off a galley copy of the new book, A Lifetime of Secrets, that's set to come out in October, for the 1800-SUICIDE charity as well.

We puttered about and looked through the galley for the upcoming A Lifetime of Secrets book and other such things, but these photos pretty much cover the evening.