Friday, August 10, 2007

New intern!

Hullo! I'm Hayley, and in the beginning of July I began working with Frank as one of his PostSecret interns. So far, I must say the experience has been like nothing I've ever experienced before, particuarly where jobs are concerned.

The other evening I came across one secret which stopped me in my tracks, namely because just the night before I had scribbled the same secret in my own personal journal, and had absently thought to myself that I should send it to Frank. And here was someone who had scrawled the same words down. Honestly, if I could find this person (alas, due to the anonymoous nature of PostSecret, I shall never know!) I would ask them to be my new best friend happily ever after. But it really doesn't matter if that person remains a mystery to me - the point is that they exist, that we are not alone.

It's an interesting experience, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.