Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Intern's First Impressions

Sarah, Michelle, Frank, Ashley, and Kaitlin

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah, the new intern!

Upon first entrance into the top-secret location of the PostSecret Lair, I was overcome with a feeling that can only be correctly expressed in one word—gobsmacked. More than 250,000 secrets were carefully made, comprised of laughter, tears, hopes, dreams, and sadness. All of those secrets were equally as carefully dealt with. Each one was read, digested, sorted and stored. All the individual secrets are stored together to form a giant mountain of secrets. Mt. PostSecret, as I like to call it, is quite impressive, even rivaling some of the mountains I’m used to seeing in my native Colorado (on a slightly different scale of course)!

As an intern, the majority of my time is spent sorting and organizing all the PostSecrets, making bricks to add to the ever-growing Mt. PostSecret. After my first week, I can say there are some similar themes that keep popping up in the secrets. First, it seems everyone is in love with their best friend but is afraid to tell them. This secret is very common; maybe your best friend feels the same way?! Another popular secret is about cheating in a relationship. Whether it is from the person who cheated, or the one that got cheated on, it seems sadness comes from both parties. Other common secrets are about depression and loneliness. I wish there was a way to connect all the lonely people out there because although lonely, they are certainly not alone in their feelings! Maybe one day there will be an app for that?

Another fun task we do as interns is helping Frank translate or decode PostSecrets. I feel like a detective and it is really cool to be able to engage a secret and try to understand its true meaning. From my one week as in intern, I’ve already learned how to read Braille, how awesome is that?

We have some great stuff in the works for this summer; I’m so excited and can’t wait to share it all with you! The PostSecret community is truly amazing and wouldn’t be possible without all the brave people like you who share your secrets! Thanks for allowing us interns to see your secrets, we have bonded over so many of them already!

Until next time,


PS: Kaitlin here, encroaching on Sarah's post. I want to reiterate that SERIOUSLY Y'ALL, if you are in love with your best friend, chances are they are in love with you too!! That has to be the secret we get the most! Everyone is diggin' on their BFF. So... maybe you should go for it!


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend & I were really close friends before we started dating too! We were friends all throughout college and for three years afterwards before we admitted we liked each other. Actually, I knew the first time I met him that I would marry him, but it was freshman year of college and we went to different schools so I didn't want a serious boyfriend at the time, but everything worked out in the end :) We're getting married next summer!

PS - I'm seriously impressed you learned Braille in a week!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that wasn't the case for me. In college my bff didn't feel the same... and then I felt like a total idiot. We stayed friends and communicate to this day, 12 years later, but I always felt a bit foolish afterward. HOWEVER, looking back, I'm glad things didn't work out - his chosen profession would have hindered me as a person (he's a pastor in a somewhat conservative denomination, and while I'm religious, I'm completely liberal and only go to church about twice a year). AND, the best part, is that I met and married an amazing guy who suits me so much better. I can genuinely say that my husband is my BEST FRIEND. said...

Can you please let the person who sent the postcard about not being able to find people to read their book know that there are plenty of us who would love to read it? I am guessing the person will be checking, so please let them know wants to read it!

Adam Nixon said...

I have a video secret that I would like to share -- it's about being molested (at 6 yrs old!)and fighting back. It's on youtube now, but has only been seen by a few people.

Here is the link:

Is it possible to have this shared?

Adam Nixon,

Anonymous said...

I told my best friend that I had feelings for him in December and it ruined our friendship. I wish I had never said anything. I would much rather have the fantastic friendship back...

Ammature Foodie said...

I heard there was an internship position open? Is that true? I hope so!
I emailed Frank and he emailed me back with a few questions on FB but I'm trying to cover all angles! ha.
Please, pretty please, let me know if so!
Erin Bean

Anonymous said...

What email did you use? I'm curious to obtaining an internship also!

Anonymous said...

For all interested int he Intership. Look at the Post Secret Facebook page.