Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First day!

PostSecret is officially the coolest thing ever.

Today was my first day as the PostSecret head intern, and it was incredible. I met Frank and we sat on the porch in the beautiful weather and discussed the plans that he has for this summer, and some really good stuff is in the works. When you all find out what's going on, your brain is going to explode with awesomeness. Trust me on this.

We then traveled to what I have appropriately coined the "PostSecret Lair." I can't give out too many details, but it's basically the cave where Frank reads and keeps all of the secrets. There are thousands upon thousands of postcards that he organizes after he reads them... and he reads every single one of them! This man is dedicated to his project. Who wouldn't be? It's fantastic. He handed me a bin of the secrets he was finished reading, and my job is to archive them until they can be used at a later date. Holding those postcards in my hand is something I will never forget. It's like being able to read a thousand PostSecret books at once. It's awe-inspiring. You guys and gals who submit secrets are amazing, multi-faceted, strong people.

Before I left, we took a picture of me in front of the famous mailbox that receives all of those postcards. Here it is. If you can't tell by my pained but elated expression, it was awfully bright outside.

Until next time,


TELLY said...

Kaitlin what a magical experience, good luck !

Claudia said...

Kaitlin, I LOVE that you posted extra secrets on this blog! If possible (which it may not be) could you and your team post one secret (that Frank doesn't post) every day. It would make every day of your internship just that much better for all of us (me especially)! Thanks!