Monday, June 7, 2010

...Worth All the Papercuts

As interns, a vast majority of our time is spent archiving and organizing secrets-- a task far more dangerous than you'd expect. We're subjected to glittery postcards, sticky postcards, but worst of all... postcards with sharp edges. "Sorry this job doesn't come with health insurance," Frank jokes as I reach for my second band aid of the day.
It's definitely worth all the papercuts. Besides archiving secrets, we interns do everything from brainstorming ways to improve the PostSecret website to helping plan the PostSecret Community picnic. Last week, we even got to help pick some of the Sunday Secrets. Andrew and I spent over 3 hours going through some of the secrets from the past few weeks, and picked out a couple that really stood out to us.

One day's worth of secrets.

Frank gets a LOT of secrets every day, and spends a long time carefully reading each one and deciding whether to post it or set it aside for a display. It was pretty cool to have a little input in the decision process. I related to this secret the most, and was excited it was included in the website this week.


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