Monday, June 7, 2010

New Interns!!!

As far as first days of new jobs go, this one was by far the most interesting one I'd ever had. After getting a mini tour of headquarters, Ruthie (one of the other new interns) and I sat down with Frank and talked about the PostSecret project in general, and what we, as interns, hoped to gain from the experience. Frank also shared some funny stories and some homemade cookies. My favorite story was about how a couple of fans once called the police to check up on Frank and make sure he was okay when he didn't update the Sunday Secrets on time--- just goes to show what a caring fan base PostSecret has.

After our chat, we got down to business- "brick" making. Frank had us go through older secrets and organize them into neat little piles that were all the same size. It was pretty difficult to sort through the secrets without reading all of them.

"bricks" of secrets

This summer's gonna be great.


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